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A guy goes to the doctor. He has a cucumber in one ear, a sausage in the other and a pineapple up his nose. He says to the doc “Doc, I’m not feeling well. What is wrong with me?” The doc replies “It’s obvious. You are not eating right”

Doctors are always telling me I’m not eating right and I have yet to find a pineapple up my nose…..

Fan worship

I don’t like movie stars, popular musicians or any other famous people. They tend to be SO narcissistic. Every time I have hung out with one they only want to talk about themselves and NEVER want to talk about ME.

Climate change

Recent findings in the geological record show that volcanic activity has increased threefold in the last 1000 years. This means a threefold increase in greenhouse gases, acid rain and atmospheric particulates. These increases predate the industrial revolution by many centuries and the number of cow and sheep farts previous to that are insignificant (although they are one fifth of modern “emissions” and attributable to mankind as keeper of cows and sheep). 

Modern industrial emissions total about one tenth of current volcanic output. and while they are laden with man-made chemicals, heavy metals, carcinogens and other nasty stuff, the atmosphere just doesn’t care. What is true is that even if mankind were to reduce their output to zero, global warming would still be a fact. This is not to mean we should just carry on polluting. Nooooo. We must clean up our act or poison the earth. But, we must also prepare for the effects climate change will bring because whatever we do, climate change will happen. Change is good, right? Hmmmm. If you live at sea level you might want to look for a house in the mountains.


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  1. ceo Says:

    I find this day’s thoughts, most concise and, I’ll get back to them. Some very interesting stuff:)

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