Fighting cancer


People wonder at my continued survival but it is no mystery. I have felt the stillness at death’s door and decided I have not had enough of birdsong when the sun rises through the forest or the laughter of my children ringing in my ears. The danger comes in wanting too much and becoming lost in one’s desires, diminished by depression; wishing to be what one once was.


A tree does not turn to dust when it is chopped down and turned into a fine piece of furniture, it becomes a fine piece of wood furniture. It becomes. There is a future in becoming..

4 Responses to “Fighting cancer”

  1. Reedflutesong Says:

    Lovely Musings Woodwhisperer. Online friend of your beautiful daughter Julia here…just wishing you the very best and wanted to say I enjoyed what you wrote

  2. crystalwaterdancer Says:

    I too am a friend of your daughter, You write beautifuly, Thank you for giving me comthing to think about today.

  3. Julia aka nugglemama Says:

    Dad I am so proud and amazed at how strong you are and how hard you are fighting this disease. I am so proud to be your daughter and I love you more then I could ever express in mere words, just know you are in my every thought. I love you. XOXOXO

  4. ceo Says:

    The most beautiful picture that I’ve seen in a very long time:)

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