Baby give me one more chance


Amyloidosis is a rare and often fatal disease which is characterized by a build up of abnormal proteins in body tissues and the major organs. The exact cause is unknown and there is no known cure.


In healthy individuals, antibodies (white blood cells) are produced by the bone marrow, enter the blood stream to fight invaders and are recycled. Amyloids are antibody proteins which cannot be broken down by the body and so eventually leave the bloodstream, becoming deposited in tissues and organs. This deposition affects normal function and can lead to organ failure. As much of the white blood cell production is abnormal, infections – including fevers can also be fatal.


Symptoms include edema, weight loss, difficulty swallowing, irregular heartbeat, numbness or tingling in the extremities, shortness of breath, weakness, severe fatigue, diarrhea and skin changes.


Amyloidosis is currently incurable but several therapies are being studied. One, which has extended the lives of many patients (me included) begins with high-dose chemotherapy to kill the bone marrow, followed by a bone marrow transplant. While this almost never (if ever) stops amyloid production over the long term, it can extend life spans and in some cases reduce amyloid production post-transplant. Ongoing chemotherapy (see “Understanding Chemotherapy” below) is then intended to support the major organs while amyloid proteins are shed, control the more devastating symptoms and bolster the immune system.


Enormous effort is being expended to understand amyloidosis so the longer patients survive, the better the chances are that more effective therapies will be found or a cure will be discovered.


I live for that.


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  1. ceo Says:

    sounds like a good reason to say ” I live for that” You go guy!

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