Attend tu le chien aboyer?


And then there are the nights when deep low pressure systems bring cold marine air off the Gulf of Alaska, High above the beaches, the salt scent of the north Pacific overpowers even the sweet decay of autumn in the forest. The air is so still and damp that beads of moisture form on every surface, wetting even under overhangs, leaves and railings, so thick that breathing seems difficult.


Light from the windows is scattered before it encounters anything with form and so the air itself appears solid. Rather than seeming pitch black, the night takes on a soft, gray-white glow undefined by color or shape. Normal night noises are also absorbed. If crickets are chirping their song is unheard. Drops from nearby leaves fall silently to the ground. Even my footsteps are muted – more felt than heard.


The humidity is so overpowering and pervasive it takes on a physical presence. Its effect is so strong that perception is twisted. Rather than receiving light and sound, eyes and ears seem to transmit – visions from the mind’s eye are projected into the grayness like a reflection in a steamy mirror, dim flashes of color and shape flitting through the aether and the loudest noise is the whistle of breath in my nose and the ringing in my ears.


The only thing external which is left is the ocean in the air and it too is more dream than reality.


2 Responses to “Attend tu le chien aboyer?”

  1. ceo Says:

    Is this poetry or some other form of crative language I read? This is more than meandering on topic, on thought or on metre. These are the words of creative liscine and gift. I cannot speak. I am…

  2. Liah W. Says:

    This writing touched my soul in the most magical way possible.
    Thank you.

    Love your little sunshine,

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