This Magic Moment

I woke at 4:30 A.M. and went out onto the deck to greet the morning. I could not help but be overwhelmed by my incredible luck to be here at this time in my life. The full moon hung in the western sky, lighting the garden and forest beyond. The only sounds were the burbling of Harmony Creek behind me, the occasional croak of the grey owls in the forest and the pulse of my heartbeat in my ears.


I was taken by how surrounded I was by beauty and the love of the people who care for me. Marie and the girls make certain I am comfortable, fed and happy. My family who live away give all they can or are asked without question or failure. I am surrounded by friends who could be family but for an accident of birth and a community who insures we are able to manage.


My life, at this moment, when compared to that of the rest of the world is quite extraordinary. People the world over aspire to the peace, happiness and comfort that I have at this very instant in time and yet, here I am.


I need nothing more except more of this.


One Response to “This Magic Moment”

  1. frankelstache Says:

    sounds like you’re in a good place

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