There is a long pause between the insistent frog calls in the soft darkness of the spring night and the frenzy of birdsong as the sky begins to lighten – when the forest seems to pause for a breath.

In that quiet, timeless moment, I can hear the earth inhale on the whisper of owl’s wings and exhale with the sigh of fresh leaves shivering on the willows. Her heartbeat is the sweet tumble of water burbling down the mossy creek nearby.

Everything is resting but for me and my mind is racing as I try to absorb the long wave energy with the hope it will fortify me for the coming frenetic day.


One Response to “Breathe…”

  1. ceo Says:

    dLong time no check in on the blog. Again, I am left amazed, intrigued and pleasantly passified by your poetry. So moving, so descriptive. So peaceful is this peace. I could not help but be relaxed by it and envious of the inspirational moments instigating the prose.

    YOu make me smile Dad. You really should be in pursuit of a publisher.

    Love ya

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